Grain Farm Insurance

Get the best grain insurance packages and policies from Cherry AgSecure and know you’ve got experience on your side.

Farming has changed so much in the past 20 years and traditional insurance policies simply haven’t kept pace. The scale, complexity and capital investment of today’s mid to large sized grain producers requires a better insurance policy. At Cherry, we have worked with our insurance partners to develop best-in-class grain insurance policies to address your modern insurance requirements. Our policy includes as standard coverage:

  • replacement cost on machinery (up to 6 years of age)
  • loss of use/rented machinery coverage
  • firefighting expenses
  • GPS equipment coverage
  • stored bulk chemical and fertilizer coverage

At Cherry AgSecure, we don’t just sell insurance, we look to partner with our clients to manage their overall business risk. This means providing a number of unexpected services such as:

  • On Site Risk Assessments
  • Employee Disability and Employee Benefits solutions
  • Complete Insurance Analysis
  • Collaboration with 3rd party Human Resources and Labour solutions providers
  • Contract and Lease Agreement Review
  • Identification of Risk Retention opportunities
  • MPA Payment Protection account set up and assistance
  • Insurance Analysis for related commercial agribusiness
  • Collaboration with 3rd party Ag focused Accounting and Tax firms
  • 24/7 Claims service

Expect the Unexpected with Cherry Insurance

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