Customers Focus

Above all, we base our services around what matters most to our
customers. We strive to build customer relationships that are
more personal—this means learning directly from our customers
and using those valuable insights to always be improving.


We embrace our identity as a local business with roots on the
prairies for over 75 years.

Supporting the communities that we are a part of by being there
for our neighbours in times of distress is what makes our job so
gratifying. Investing in local organizations and charity is
something we believe in deeply, enhancing and uplifting the
community around us.

For more deatils of Cherry at work in the Community visit :
In the Community


Great things in a business are never done by one person,
they are done by a team. Our team works together,
respects one another, and pushes each other to grow
their abilities. From the front end, to the back office, we
are one big Cherry Family.


The strength of the team is in each individual members talents
and knowledge. We encourage those around us to be engaged,
take ownership, and bring forward new and creative ideas that
enables our team to deliver true value to the customers.


Honesty is in all facets of our business. We seek to develop
relationships on mutual trust and integrity. We will always
hold ourselves accountable and do what is right.