Business insurance that moves with you.

From potholes to black-ice, if you’re a part of the transportation industry, you need insurance to make sure your vehicles stay on the road all year long. Whether you are a small squad or a formidable fleet, Cherry Insurance has a policy to protect your vehicles and make sure your operation complies with all the necessary rules and regulations for trucking companies in Canada.

We understand that the transportation industry is time-sensitive, which is why we will get you insured as efficiently as possible. Our policies are flexible and we will take time to tailor your coverage to your needs. You know the risks of driving on international highways, and we know how to keep you safe from unexpected damages.

Cherry has specialized products and services for the transportation industry which include Risk Management and Loss Prevention Services (including Driver and Fleet Safety), assistance with National Safety Code Compliance (NSC), and Full Support Services for Proof of Insurance Certificates.

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