To switch to a Saskatchewan driver’s licence and licence plates you will need to prove your identity and that you are now a Saskatchewan resident. Your identity is defined by and includes the three following factors:

  • Legal Name
  • Complete Birthdate
  • Signature

You will need to provide a minimum of two pieces of original identification to establish your identity. A list of acceptable documents can be found here (PDF attached below) As well you will need to provide two documents to establish your residency in Saskatchewan. The complete list of acceptable documents can be found here (PDF attached below) To register your vehicle in Saskatchewan you will have to have a Light Vehicle Inspection completed by an SGI Accredited body shop and provide the passed inspection certificate with your proof of identity.

You have 90 days from the time you establish residency in Saskatchewan to transfer everything over.

PST is payable on all vehicles with the following exception: Vehicles that are classified as Light (cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks) are exempt when you are moving to Saskatchewan from another Canadian jurisdiction and are transferring within the 90 day time frame (as mentioned above).

The Saskatchewan registration provides Collision and Comprehensive coverage with a $700 Deductible and $200,000 Third Party Liability which is the minimum amount of insurance as required by the Saskatchewan Automobile Insurance Act.

In Saskatchewan you are not required to register your ATV and the insurance can be extended from your home and/or auto policy to cover your ATV. Please contact your insurance broker for more information. (Don’t have an insurance broker, we can help).

An ATV can be driven on Crown land, including highway right of ways. You can only drive an ATV on the travelled portion of a road or street under the following circumstances:

  • On a road or street authorized by a local bylaw
  • On a road or street authorized by the Highway Traffic Board (HTB)
  • When crossing a road or bridge (unless prohibited by local bylaws or the HTB)

You can renew your vehicle registration by coming to one of our conveniently located offices, over the phone, or online with MySGI.

Cherry Insurance is set up to accept payments from your financial institution by simply adding Cherry Insurance as a payee and entering your account number from your statement. You can pay your policy at one of our conveniently located offices by cheque, cash, debit, and in some cases major credit cards. You also have the option to set up monthly installments to have the payments automatically withdrawn from your account.