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neighbour, are you a homeowner? A renter? Do you have a house? Or a condo? What about a seasonal home - cabin, cottage, lakeside chateau? Do you know what kind of insurance you need for all these different human habitats?

For most people, it doesn't get any bigger than the investment in your home. It's where you live, but for many it's also a nest egg, equity for the future and the way up the property ladder.

What if it's a condo? Did you know that what's inside your condo isn't automatically covered, too?

What if you're a renter? Renters insurance covers all your personal items, some of which can be very expensive to replace if something happens.

Speaking of added expenses, there are limits to what basic home insurance can cover. That doesn't mean you don't have options! If you need extra coverage, you can get exclusive home insurance package options from Prestige. Talk to us if you're looking for extra coverage for:

  • Home Business - tools, books, extra coverage for property damage and cheque and credit charges.
  • Collectibles and Treasures - jewelry, valuable collections and other items you might store at your home.
  • Family & Security - identity theft, bonds, and childcare coverage in case of emergency.
  • Recreational Protection - cosmetic house features, pet protection, boat and RV coverage.

Find out more by downloading the Prestige Product Profile here.

Looking for information on how to reduce basement flooding? Here is a link to the handbook.

Credit Scoring

Several companies are now offering discounts on your insurance policies for Credit Scoring. You can learn more about how the Insurance Bureau of Canada regulates how insurers collect and use credit information here.

If you would like to see if you qualify for a discount please contact one of our offices or email

Protecting your Home Systems

When it comes to protecting your home systems, from heating and electrical, to entertainment and communication systems, you have options. Learn about manufacturer's warranty and service contracts so you can select the best option for your home. Download Home Systems Protection vs Warranties and Service Contracts.

SGI Information

SGI home policies now include DAS Legal Expense Insurance. For more information check out our:

Legal Expense Insurance Brochure
Legal Expense Insurance Fact Sheet

For FAQ about this credit scoring rate system, download a PDF here.

Head spinning yet? If it is, the pros at Cherry can help set it straight again. Ask us your questions.

Ready to hear about rates? You can call us, or if you like our website a whole lot, you can also get a quote online for free by clicking here.


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